Why Vegan?

what it means to us

The word Vegan  simply means not eating, wearing or using animals or their by products.
Being Vegan for us is not only about what you eat but respecting the impact your personal choices and actions have on the world and its inhabitance.
Taking a look at yourself, your actions and analysing their impact and deciding that your desires are not worth the destruction, suffering and deprivation they cause.

why we do it

1. No amount of death and suffering is worth a simple meal, stylish jacket or pair of shoes when there are thousands of great alternatives these days.
2. Animal agriculture is one of the largest contributors to climate change and the destruction of the planet. Including unimaginable amounts of water wastage with 1kg of beef taking 15,415 litres of water.
3. Masses of good food is wasted to rear animals! It takes around 6kg of grain to 'grow' 1 kg of beef. So while humans are starving around the world and humans pay charities to try and send aid to humans who are struggling to survive due to a lack of food. The meat industry is wasting 6kg of food per 1kg that is finally consumed... That is absolutely ridiculous...
4. A Vegan diet has been proven to greatly reduce the risk of many of the leading killers of the western world such as: heart disease, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure.
5. On a healthy Vegan diet you can look and feel amazing! So as stunt riders this is very important for us as we need heathy bodies, clear minds, fast healing and our Vegan lifestyle gives us all this and much more!
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