Vegan Riding Gear 

 If you are on this page then you know how hard it is to find Vegan Friendly motorcycle gear... We are always updating this page so check back for regular updates! 

If you have any suggestions then please feel free to contact us and we will add the items. 

Alien Moto Suit

Alien Moto Suit (available in ladies and mens). We have the 2 piece version of this suit, made to measure. We feel very protected! Out of all the gear we have and have ever had, this is the suit we would want to be wearing if we were ever in an accident! It is nice and stiff and feels strong. Pricey for the beginner motorcyclist but if you care about your safety then that is what you pay to keep your skin... PRICES: Standard sizes: 995 EUR ex. VAT Measure tailored: 1295 EUR ex. VAT

Side-Black Rain

Side-Black Rain (available in ladies and mens). Cassandra has these boots and has had them for 3 years. They are stiff especially at first and they take a long time to break in but the feel incredibly strong and they are water proof, even after 3 years. They are made out of Lorica which looks like leather but is much lighter and stronger. Reasonably priced at around £139.

Rukka Virium

Rukka Virium (available in ladies and mens). Cassandra has used these on the road for about 2 years and she absolutely loves them. They are more of a Spring, summer and autumn glove but they are good in winter too especially if used with heated grips. Not good for really long journeys in the winter though.. they are thin but that is great as you can really feel the grips and levers. They are waterproof. Pricey at around £139... But worth it!

Alpinestars Scheme

Alpinestars Scheme. We have never tried these but we have heard that they are very good summer gloves. They have lots of kevlar areas for high abrasion resistance. Unfortunately it looks like they are no longer being produced but there are still people selling them on ebay and this Spanish shop that ships worldwide. Please click on image for link.

Revit Tornado 2 Motorcycle Trouser

Revit Tornado 2 Motorcycle Trouser (available in ladies and mens). Features: - Durable polyester rib outer shell. - Removable thermal membrane. - Seeflex level 2 CE protection at knees. - Seesmart CE-level 1 protection at hip. - Laminated reflectors. - YKK slide lock front closure. - Short connection zipper. - Zippered at the calf for easily removal. - Adjustable straps at the ankle and waist. - Prepared for Strapper braces. - Ventilation panels on the legs.

Revit Tornado 2 Motorcycle Jacket

Revit Tornado 2 Motorcycle Jacket. (available in ladies and mens). Features: - Removable thermo lining - The waterproof membrane is stylish and can be worn as an everyday jacket - Internal compartment for a Seesoft CE level 2 back protector type RV - Incredibly comfortable micro-fleece collar -Compatible with Revit's very own "Challenger Cooling Vest" - a cooling vest for those really hot days - Short-chain connection for connecting with trousers.

Spidi WNT-2 H2Out

Spidi WNT-2 H2Out. Touring winter gloves made of very resistant nylon fabric. With a H2Out waterproof membrane for rainy days and thermal padding for excellent performance in cold climates. With a rigid polyurethane protection on the knuckles and strategically placed padding.

 Lots more to come! 

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